Seppelt Wines – Underground Dining Experience

25 Nov 2023

6:00 pm


Seppelt Wines is delighted to announce the return of their highly sought-after ticketed underground dining experiences, due to overwhelming demand. Prepare yourself for an extraordinary culinary adventure as you join our host for the ultimate Grampians dining experience, located beneath the surface of Seppelt Wines in Great Western.

Back in 1865, Joseph Best, a pioneer of winemaking in Australia, enlisted the help of local gold miners to construct intricate cellars known as “Drives.” This monumental undertaking spanned a remarkable 3.5 kilometres and took over 60 years to complete.

Your unforgettable dining experience begins promptly at 6 pm inside the historic Seppelt Wines Shaft House. Upon arrival, our gracious host will warmly welcome you with a glass of Salinger 2017 Sparkling wine, setting the tone for an enchanting evening ahead.

From there, you will embark on a captivating journey beneath the winery, venturing into the hallowed halls of the Seppelt Wines heritage-listed underground cellars, affectionately known as “The Drives.” A knowledgeable guide will personally accompany you, sharing intriguing insights along the way.

As you navigate the labyrinthine passageways, you will eventually reach the renowned “Brandy Nook,” a legendary section of the cellars. Here, our talented chefs will craft an exceptional 3-course meal, skillfully paired with the exquisite Seppelt Foundation Wines. Every bite and sip will harmoniously blend to create a truly memorable underground dining experience.

Prepare to be captivated by the unique ambience, rich history, and exceptional flavours that await you at Seppelt Wines. Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to indulge in an underground dining experience like no other.

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